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Petrochemical Valves Supplied by Eaton Valve Products Ltd

Our main customer base is within the UK Engineering Contractor market and associated fabricator/equipment skid manufacturers.

We have the support of strong manufacturing Principals who are industry leaders in the manufacture of valves and piping equipment.
Initial, major multi-million pound project orders are generally placed direct on our manufacturers, and we have the flexibility to accept orders for later top-up quantities and assist with sourcing of hotshot items.

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Petrochemical Valve Product Range

We are UK agents for the following manufacturing principles, and have over 20 years experience within the industry.

Endless Opportunities for Advancement

Choosing Eaton Valves isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in your future success

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We Are Eaton Valves

At Eaton Valves, innovation meets reliability. 

Quality Control

At Eaton Valves, quality isn't just a promise; it's our commitment. We have rigorous quality testing procedures.

Smart Technology

Embracing the future of manufacturing, Eaton Valves integrates cutting-edge smart technology into our products.

Our Process

How We Work

At Eaton Valves, our work methodology is centred around precision, innovation, and customer satisfaction


Before diving into production, we meticulously explore the field to understand the unique challenges and requirements of our clients.


With insights gathered from our field exploration, we continue the development phase where creativity and engineering excellence converge.


Once the development phase is complete, our manufacturers transition seamlessly into production. where they manufacture create the required high quality valves


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